Rocca Dei Capperi
Contrada Bagnitelle
90030 Contessa Entellina
Palermo, Italia
Tel: +39 320 041 97 17


...Situated at the foot of The Costa del Conte hill, in the Bagnitelle Valley, which is rich  in olive trees, vines, almond and fig trees.It is crossed by the Senore stream, near to which was situated the old Sinurio Country Estate. Stars illuminate the transparent night air, and the Milky Way is clearly visible, unlike any other place in the world...

...After having travelled extensively, I found a place to sit and admire the spectacular views...and there I built a house which wouldn't harm neither the nature nor the landscape...then, not wanting to keep all this to myself, I opened its doors to share it with others...


 We speak english, italian, french.